Gaming PC vs Console: Which is Better in 2023


Owen Williams, Author

When you’re thinking about playing video games, it may be hard to decide whether to go with a PC or a console. Initially, especially if you have a lower budget, a console may seem more enticing. You can get a mid-range console, like an Xbox Series S, or a used PS4 for around $250-300, whereas the average pre-built PC is around $1000. But when you take into account custom PCs, it becomes way less. You can build a custom PC for under $100, and although it will have slower gaming performance than the console, you can also do anything else on it, like doing homework, watching videos, or whatever you want to do

If you have a larger budget for a flagship console like a PS5 or Xbox Series X, it will be around $500, while you can get a gaming PC with similar performance (and the multitasking) for less money. If you just want to game, a console may be a good option, but also consider a PC can be upgraded for more performance over time, unlike a console where you have to buy a new one.

Another advantage to a PC is that the performance is nearly infinitely scalable, so if you put in more money, you’ll get more performance, whereas with a console, you can’t get any more performance than the highest-end model, but just better accessories. The main drawback to building a PC yourself is that if you mess up and something breaks, it may be hard to diagnose and fix the issue. If you’re too scared to build a PC yourself, but still want the multitasking features it has, get a mid-range console (I recommend the Xbox Series S), and then get a budget laptop for a minimum of $350, as any cheaper will get you bad quality.

In conclusion, getting a custom gaming PC will be better in every aspect, except the building portion. If you’re going to take the dive and watch a tutorial, that’s great, but if you just want to game without risk, get a console.