Seven Best Places To Live In America


Zenat Zumer, Writer

Many places are very intriguing and beautiful, though not every place gets its name as “the most best place to live” which can be very tricky to uphold as states of the US due to many crimes, overpopulation, and economic status.

1st. The best place to live in is Georgia, mainly Atlanta because of its equality and job opportunities. Atlanta is diverse in culture and many kinds of music. Many of its nature can be seen including its world-famous botanical gardens, located in Piedmont Park in midtown Atlanta. Classical features of this place include nature, art, and much more.

2nd. Sarasota, Florida offers many delights and fun things to do including annual festivals and beautiful beaches. It is a great place for the elderly trying to find a great place to retire and is also a great place for young families trying to find a safe place to settle.

3rd. Tacoma, Washington includes high average salaries, and the unemployment rates are as low as 2.6%. Along the way, new immigrants can find less expensive housing because of the decrease in median home prices over the years.

4th. Portland, Oregon is a small city that has a lot of diversity and is known for its magical parks and nature, like Tryon Creek State Park. There are many eco-friendly places, and it is well known for its vibrant city life and breathtaking mountaintops. Portland is mindful of the environment and is bike-friendly, so if you ever want to ride through the streets with your bike, go ahead!

5th. Indianapolis, Indiana, capital city of Indiana and is well known for its beautiful downtown and lakes. Also, Indiana Dunes National Park is an amazing place to go. Many people move there, and at least 5000+ families have gone there to stay for the rest of their lives, but this number is steadily increasing every year. The weather in Indianapolis is very nice too, it is always hot in the summer and not very cold in the winter, so people who enjoy hot weather have a good reason to move here as well. Indianapolis has exceptional costs and affordable living,  higher education, and a booming job market.

6th. Denver, Colorado has been an American metropolis for decades and is the capital city of Colorado. This magical place is known for its breathtaking mountains such as the stunning mountains. Denver is also known to be the mile-high city, which can be pretty hard when you are from a place closer to water level, but getting used to the weather will change you for the better. Denver does have an expensive market (up to 500,000-800,000 depending on where you live), but it’s been going down over the years.

7th. Woodland, Texas, is eco-friendly and a great place to live. Overall, it has a lot of green life and beaches for families to travel to. With its low crime rates, one is able to safely walk or bike around the city with no worries at all.