McAuliffe’s COVID Outbreak In January

McAuliffes COVID Outbreak In January

Kaati McSweeney, author

In Early 2023, COVID hit McAuliffe International very hard, many students and teachers stayed home due to sickness and other family problems correlated with the COVID outbreak. This outbreak also causes many problems in classrooms, like the number of substitutes and students.

There were over 23 teachers gone at McAuliffe because COVID had begun popping up around the school causing mini-outbreaks. The school offered testing in the cafeteria in the afternoon due to many teachers getting sick. Nobody knows what began this outbreak but the most likely possibility is that a student came to school sick and spread it causing others to spread the virus throughout the school.

There haven’t been any other COVID outbreaks outside of McAuliffe which is strange. Is it just a small thing or will COVID get as big as it was when it first began? The number of people going from school had the principal consider having an online learning day at one point in the week. It was so bad that some students and most teachers were even wearing masks again.

Is this going to be a repeat of 2020 or was it be over soon? Many students thought this, We can only hope this virus won’t make a big break for the second time and cause us to go back to quarantine. Most of the teachers are back but the vast majority of classes had to be taught by substitute teachers. Many students were out sick and had to stay home to avoid spreading the virus even more.