Why Cats Are Terrible Pets (ft. Dogs)


Owen Williams, Author

Immediately, many people who clicked on this article were probably mad. However, there are many reasons cats make terrible pets.

First, to understand why the cat is a bad pet, we need to understand the purpose of a pet. The purpose of a pet is to create joy for the owner, relieve stress, and create an additional family member. An example of a good pet is a dog. The dog is the near-perfect example of a pet. They come in all sizes, so you can choose your style. They can be fun, loving, and just enjoyable to be around.

Now you might be thinking, “what about all the dogs left on the side of the road, remaining hostile and dangerous forever?” It all depends on how you raise them. If you train a dog properly, they can become however you want them to be. If you want them to bark when someone enters the house, they can do that. If you want them to be quiet all the time, they can do that too.

But how does this relate to cats? Cats are the opposite of dogs. They are nearly impossible to train and very dependent. I’m not saying all cats are bad, (I have my cat on my home screen) but it varies depending on the breed, and you get what you get. I got lucky with my cat. He’s never bitten me, or attacked me, he greets me at the door when I enter, he sleeps on my bed, and I love him. But many cats aren’t like this. They hate humans and do not attempt to socialize with them. I even know a friend who had a cat who would go out of its way to defecate on the beds.

Some people may say dogs bark a lot, and they sometimes do, but you can train them not to. Some people say dogs are too big, but the teacup chihuahua is smaller than even newborn cats. Plus, a cat can’t offer you any physical help, such as a dog does. Cats aren’t strong enough to haul things, not fast enough to herd sheep, and not intimidating enough to scare away bears consistently. The only place a working cat has is catching mice, which can be solved with a $1 mouse trap.

Other pets don’t serve much of a purpose other than looking cooler, either. Lizards, snakes, tarantulas, etc. But, all of those pets are at least fascinating and unique. While cats are the second most common pet in the world and even one of the most common animals on earth, if you walk down the same street for a week, you won’t a cat.

Another MAJOR drawback to cats is that they are the second most invasive species (behind rabbits). If your cat escapes, it will proceed to endanger wildlife and cause harm to the environment. In conclusion, I don’t hate cats. I love my cat more than my dogs, but it’s very hard to predict what they will be like. With a dog, you can train them however you want, but a cat is just going to be how it wants to be.

For some people who travel a lot, the cat seems to be the perfect pet, and it may be. But, for the vast majority, put in the extra effort and get a dog because a dog gives you love.