Have You Ever


Ava Williams, Author

Have you ever?

This is a fun little have you ever/never have I ever game for you to play. Have fun and feel free to comment with your results :). 

Have you ever…

Been to another country?

Seen the Statue of Liberty?

Seen the movie ‘Mean Girls’?

Baked Pumpkin Pie?

Gone to a baseball game?

Dyed your hair?

Done a food challenge (eg. kitchen sink challenge, pho Super Bowl challenge, etc.)?

Lost your wallet?

Played cards?

Been a guest at a surprise party?

Cheated on a test?

Been on TV?

Been skydiving?

Gotten lost at an amusement park?

Eaten French food?

Forgotten a family member’s birthday?

Fallen down the stairs?

Gone skiing? Snowboarding?

Ridden a motorcycle?