Top 3 Fun Places to go for Spring Break 2023


Layla Macon, Writer

I am giving you some amazing and fun places to go for spring break all these places I have been to personally and there are great.


#1.DisneyLand California

At Disneyland California there’s so much to do but here is just a few, one of the things you can do is experience the character activities. Which includes Meeting Disney princess at royal hall and Meeting Pixar Pals at pier.


#2. San Diego Zoo in California

At the San Diego Zoo there is just so much to do and explore so many animals. This zoo has so many things you can do they even have parade floats from time to time. They have animals from all over the world to for example, they have animals from the Asian Rainforest, Amazonia, Australia Forest, and the African Forest and so much more!


#3. Las Vegas, Nevada

In Las Vegas there is M&M world and who doesn’t want to go to M&M world they have so many different kinds of M&M’s you can even create your own bag of M&M’s. Also the Coca Cola store is right next door and Hershey world isĀ  not too far away.