“Toy Story” Is Either a Story Or Just a Toy


Sutton Petersen, author



“Toy Story” starts with a kid named andy playing with his toys on his birthday in this movie toys can talk and move around but he has a favorite toy named woody he plays with woody the most out of the other toys all the kids are on there way to andy’s birthday where all of andy’s friends bring him presents when they came andy’s downstairs, the birthday party starts and that’s the first part of “Toy Story”.


Andy is opening presents while another one of his toys who are army men and there’s a lot of them so they hold a  walkie talkie so the other toys can hear what’s going on at the birthday so they go down and they hear what’s going on but then the mom comes steps on them and some of them got crushed so the other toys don’t know what’s going on until andy comes back up with his new toy and he starts playing with the toy named buzz lightyear a space toy more than woody whos a cowboy, rex a dinosaur, hamm whos a piggy bank and other toys but all the other toys don’t mind him because they like him but woody gets annoyed and jealous of buzz lightyear because he’s andy’s new favorite toy then woody and buzz get in a fight because buzz said he’s a toy and can fly  

Skip ahead a few minutes and andy is going to his favorite place named pizza planet and he can only bring one toy with him so woody tries to get rid of buzz and told everyone he fell but all the toys think he did it on purpose so woody goes but falls out of the car and they don’t notice he’s gone then buzz meets him and they fight but end up in the car and go then at the house woody and all the toys are scared of sid the next door neighbor who hurts his toys so buzz goes over there and tries to make him not hurt toys then after that woody goes over there too they both get trapped inside the house of sid

They try too but can’t because of the dog but they need to get back because there moving houses so buzz and woody fight again then buzz tries to escape then sees a tv and sees a commercial on it showing him at a store he realizes he’s a toy but before that when he tried to fly and sids toys try to help buzz get his arm back since he fell out the window they do and all the toys want to get revenge on sid so they scare him and show him there walking and toys he freaks out and cries woody and buzz realize they need to get back to the house but it’s too late they try to use buzzes wings to fly they almost reach it but the rocket sid put on buzz helps them again they go to the car and land in the same spot they fell out of in the car earlier and he just thinks it was actually there the whole time and that’s pretty much the movie then at the end he gets a puppy on christmas .


The actors of each character so far, woody is Tom Hanks , buzz lightyear is Tim Allen 

Mr potato head is Don Rickles, slinky is Jim Varney, rex is Wallace Shawn, hamm is John Ratzenberger, bo peep is Annie Potts, the aliens are Jeff Pidgeon, the army men are R Lee Ermey, andy is John Morris, andy’s mom is Laurie Metcalf, sid is Erik Von Detten. Those are the characters in “Toy Story 1”. I think all the actors Did a good job on their character but My top 3 actors I think did the best Woody(Tom Hanks), Buzz Lightyear(Tim Allen), and finally The army men( R Lee Ermey). 


What I like about the movie Is it’s really interesting all the actors did a good job the animation was pretty good the pacing was good so was the plot the characters in it were good some things I couldn’t think of a bad thing about the movie so I rate it a ⅘


Something that I would learn from that movie is to get used to things around you even if you don’t Like it and throughout the movie Woody does that and gets used to and becomes friends with buzz.


I would rate “Toy Story” 4 out of 5 galaxies.


My name is Sutton Petersen and Im 13 years old go to mcauliffe and I play lacrosse