To Bike or not to Bike

To Bike or not to Bike

Jack Myers, Author

Biking is one of the city’s most popular modes of transportation, but are they that safe? If you are biking, would you be better off just walking? We will look at speed and safety to see if you should lock up your bike.


First, we will look at speed. An average person biking can reach speeds up to 13 miles per hour. That is decently fast and can be good for long-distance commutes. Now we can look at walking. The average rate for walking is 3 miles per hour if you’re just going on a brisk walk. That is very slow compared to the bike, but it may be enough for a short-distance commute. That number gets better when you include running, allowing you to reach speeds of 8 miles per hour. Still bad in comparison to the bike, but it gets better. Running may seem reasonable, but it requires a lot of stamina to maintain a sprint for long periods. For fun, we can also look at skateboards and electric scooters, which are other popular options. Skateboarding lets you reach speeds of 10 miles per hour which is almost on par with the bike. Electric scooters may be for you if you want even faster speeds. Depending on the model, these machines can go 15-25 miles per hour. This also comes with the benefit of not having to worry about using your legs, although unless you own one, you have to pay to use them.


Now onto safety. If you aren’t careful walking, there is a 1 in 4,000 chance of getting permanently injured. This number may be off because of outside factors, including the drivers, weather, and icy conditions, along with traffic laws in your area. If you are biking, you pose less risk than pedestrians. Only about 1% of motor vehicle accidents involve bicycles, compared to 13% of motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrian fatalities.


Now that we’ve compared them we can see that bicycles are the superior choice compared to walking. They are much faster, safer, and arguably more fun. The main reasons not to bike are the price tags and the responsibilities of locking them up and keeping them in good condition.