Arsenal is Making a Comeback

Arsenal is Making a Comeback

Haley Graff, Writer

 Arsenal Football Club is a professional football club in Islington, London, England. Their nickname is the Gunners. They play in the Premier League. The club won 13 league titles and has gone undefeated for an entire season in 2003. In terms of trophies won, it is the third-most successful club in English football. The team was founded in 1886 and had to fight many battles as one of the first southern European teams to enter the Premier League. Through hard work and perseverance, the gunners made their way to the top.

Last season the gunners did horribly and disappointed all of their fans, but that is not the case this season. As of now, the Arsenal football club is number one ranked. Recently one of their start strikers Gabriel Jesus got hurt. It was questioned whether they could beat Brighton without him, but they did 4-2.

The reason for their hot streak is likely due to their well-put-together team and their amazing coach. One of the biggest differences between arsenal and other teams in the premier league is the gunner’s players are way younger. This is probably why the team faces fewer injuries than most. Arsenal’s success is also partially due to such an amazing coach, Mikel Arteta. Arteta used to be one of arsenals top players but after he retired he came to their coach. He is a gunner through and through. Arteta will stop at nothing for the squad. Last season Mikel Arteta was yelled at and nobody outside of the squad believed in him. Now everyone loves him, london even wrote a song about them that they sing at games with the line, “we have super Mikel Arteta.”

But Mikel wasn’t the only one who hated one of our star strikers Bucayo Saka faced verbal abuse and racism just a little while ago. During a game against Italy, he missed his penalty kick in a shootout. If they scored they would win and because Saka didn’t they lost. This may seem crazy but some Arsenal fans are crazy. They put the gunners’ success as life or death. But because of this Saka is stronger he plays ___ wing and is amazing to watch he is a huge part of the squad and without him. After, the gunner’s goalkeeper Ramsdale said “no doubt” that Saka was now a “stronger character off the pitch and on it” since the incident and that it has made him a “more complete person”.

The Gunners may have been serious underdogs coming into this season but they are crushing their competition.