Chipotle Vs. Qdoba


Zoe Zunker, Writer

Chipotle and Qdoba, although very similar, have been competitors for years. Some prefer chipotle and some prefer Qdoba but which one is overall better than the other? Overall I believe chipotle is better because you get more food for what you pay and the ingredients are fresher. Chipotle uses as many local ingredients as they can and doesn’t use over processed or artificial additives. This ensures fresher and better quality food. Chipotle even lists all 53 ingredients they use and offers plant-based proteins. On the chipotle website, you can calculate how many calories, how much protein, fat, and carbs are in your meal so you know what’s in your food.


 In contrast, Qdoba is cheaper, however, you don’t get as much food. Additionally, the quality of food is not as good as chipotle’s. For example, every time I have gone into Qdoba the chips have been stale and the food just doesn’t taste as fresh. Furthermore, Qdoba does not provide exact calories and nutrition facts. 


The two restaurants may not be the healthiest overall but I would say that I personally prefer the fresher and simply better taste at chipotle.