Damar Hamlin Scary Injury


Antonio Troche, Writer

All-pro Nfl safety Damar Hamlin had a very scary injury on Monday night football vs the Bengals. Damar Hamlin was hit by Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins when he tried to get up he collapsed on the field and went into cardiac arrest, he received CPR on the field to restore his breathing. He was put into an ambulance and driven off the field to a local hospital. Recently Damar Hamlin woke up and the first thing he said was “did we win” the doctor said, “you won the game of life.” This truly shows how dedicated Damar Hamlin is to his sport. Also, many people have been blaming things on Tee Higgins but it isn’t his fault because that’s what happens in football it’s a tough sport. Damar Hamlin’s family has also said to Tee Higgins that it isn’t his fault. All prayers go out to him and his family.