Top 4 Things to Do to Have a Great 2023


Layla Macon, Writer

By Layla Macon


Here are 4 things you should do to start off a good new year: doing motivating things like the things I am about to list can lead your new year to a very organized new you.


#1. Clean out your Closet 

Cleaning out your closet should be something you do because overtime things start to get messy especially your closet because when you have school 5 days out of the week you have to do alot of laundry and wear alot of clothes and since also after winter break alot of people travel so when you come back you have so many clothes and sometimes you just need to declutter your space because clean room= clean mind


#2. Outline your goals

Outlineing your goals is a great way to start off the new year because when you set goals for yourself it somewhat motivates you to actually do the goals you’ve set for yourself and it helps lead a good year.


#3. Refresh your social media 

Refreshing your social media accounts can consist of editing your bios, taking down photos you no longer want. It can really make the “New Year, New me” even more powerful.


#4. Spend time reflecting 

Spending time reflecting is a great way to start off the new year because you’ve got a whole 365 days ahead of you so feel free to pace yourself and start the year off slowly with enjoyable yet relaxed activities.