Food Worldwide

Sutton Petersen

Do you know all the snacks, candy and drinks  in vending machines, gas stations, grocery stores etc and you know what flavors of that Item you enjoy? Have you ever wanted to try other flavors of it? There are some flavors that are different all around the world.

Do you know really good chips well here are some around the world vs america 

In America these are the most popular flavors of lays. Original flavor, barbeque, Salt & Vinegar.

Here are some flavors of lays in other countries.

In India a flavor is India’s Magic Masala.

In Pakistan a flavor of Lays is French Cheese.

Moving on to something Still crunchy but A little more sweet Here’s KitKat in different countries 

Starting off In Japan there are so many flavors of KitKat and I probably can’t name all of them so I’ll show you 3 of them one is strawberry number two Graham cracker and number three is mint 

Now Let’s move onto drinks and let’s start with a soda with varieties of flavors Fanta and flavors that can only be found in japan is white peach, grape and a Coca Cola flavor of Fanta.

Here’s some most Popular meals from other countries

In Italy=pizza and pasta

In mexico=tacos and burritos 

In america=hot dog and hamburger

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