Life Hacks

Life Hacks

Nora Villines and Parker Holthus

Life hacks can make your life easier! They teach you different ways on how to use and protect your items. So we’re going to give you 6 life changing life hacks.

When traveling, tie a bright piece of fabric to the top of your suitcase, it saves a lot of time when checking to see if it is your bag. This is a good life hack because there are more than 2,575,985 people at an airport at busy times such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and many other holidays.

Many people might own the same luggage as you or one of your family members. Put a newspaper at the bottom of your garbage can, that way it can absorb any liquids and slime. Many can think differently about this life hack but I think it can most definitely work. Newspapers are known to clean up an oil spill or other liquids because paper contains mostly cellulose which water molecules like to connect to.

When you smile, squint your eyes because it makes your smile look more genuine. This is true because when you squint your eyes, it lifts your top lip showing more of your teeth. Studies show that when you show your teeth, it can signal happiness and joy.

Even if you’re not happy, clean out an old lotion bottle, and when you go to the beach, you can put phones, and keys into it. This helps keep belongings safe. Just don’t leave it lying around!  This could be good but it would not secure the phone. If possible, get a ziplock bag or a backpack to safely hold your valuable belongings. This could work for some people but I advise using a more sturdy and protective casing.

To make sure you drink enough water during the day… write times and amounts on your water bottle to know how much water you should be drinking. This guarantees enough water throughout the day. Water is very good for you, and you should always drink enough of it. This can help track the amount of water going into your body. If you don’t drink enough water, you can become dehydrated and not feel very good.

Put a cupcake paper around your popsicle to absorb the juice. This is much cleaner and much less sticky. Then after you finish the popsicle, you can dispose of it. This is good for children who are not very clean and can keep all of the melted popsicles for after you eat them so you don’t waste any remaining popsicles. For little kids who want otter pops, melt the popsicle and then put in something that can split the popsicle in half. You can use a mold of a popsicle so your kids will still appreciate that they get a popsicle, but it’s not as big as it originally was.

If these Life Hacks changed your personal life, be sure to comment on this article to let us know. We hope this made your daily life less cluttered and disorganized. These Life Hacks are made to make you and your life more organized but if they didn’t help, let us know.