Bathroom Problems at McAuliffe


Amina Kebre, Writer

As we all know as students at McAuliffe we only have a five-minute passing period and we need more time for students that need to use the restroom or return a book on no-book days. We as students need time to use the restroom. The time we use to open our lockers takes about 2 minutes and you can not use the bathroom within the first 10 minutes of the class makes us have to go in the passing period which is not ideal because if you want to use the restroom there’s sometimes a  long line so that will be like 1 and ½ minutes and that only leaves you with a  few minutes to use the bathroom and that’s why we should have 7-minute passing periods so that most students will show up to class in time. In all, we need more time so we can do everything we need to. When you need to use the bathroom one gender has to wait because they can’t go to the bathroom together and it is not a brilliant idea to make only one person go to the bathroom at a time when they should do one girl and one boy so the line to the toilet can and will go quicker. We need a fair bathroom schedule–we can’t go in the first ten minutes of class when we are just doing a do now and we can’t go in the last ten minutes and we can’t go when the teacher is talking  and we can’t go when it is independent  because there are a bunch of student waiting to use the bathroom so that why adding two minutes to passing period and letting two people go to the bathroom at a time will help.