Skiing vs. Snowboarding


Cal Redman, Writer

           Skiing and snowboarding may seem like they are the same sport, but they are very different.  There are differences in how you stand and how fast you go.  When skiing, you have a ski on each foot and your legs are free to move. You also have ski poles in each hand to help. This makes it easy to balance and turn.  A snowboard is one big board and your feet are attached to the board.  This makes it more difficult to balance and turn.  You go down the mountain face first skiing. On a snowboard, you go down the mountain sideways. When you go sideways you go faster because when you go forward the wind is blowing at you and pushing against you. A snowboard is kind of a skateboard but on a snowboard, you slide instead of rolling on wheels. The balance is different from a skateboard because on a skateboard you lean back and forth to turn but on a snowboard, you lean forward and turn with your back foot. Overall, there are a lot of differences between these two sports.

          Skiing is easier to learn than snowboarding because your feet are free and you can slow down easier. Also, it is harder to start snowboarding because both feet are attached to the board.  If you stop on a flat surface, you have to take your foot out of the binding and push then stop to put your foot back in. The last reason skiing is easier is that it does not hurt as badly to fall. When you fall while skiing it hurts your ankles but when you fall snowboarding you hurt your wrists. I think you first need to learn how to ski and after you understand skiing you can learn how to snowboard.

           In my opinion, skiing is a better sport because you can slow down easier and you can be more aware of your surroundings. I think once you master skiing it can be easier to snowboard.