The Greatest Players’ Last World Cup


Jackson Bruns, Author

After many years of playing soccer, some of the world’s greatest players may have participated in their last World Cup games in Qatar in 2022.

This World Cup has been very emotional as these players try to fulfill their dream of winning what is potentially the last tournament they will play in.

Lionel Messi, age 35, has played over 1,000 matches and scored over 700 goals since the beginning of his career in 2006. Considered to be one of the best soccer players ever, he will play his last World Cup with Argentina, unfortunately marking the end of his career.

Christiano Ronaldo, now 37 years old, has played over 1,100 matches and scored over 800 goals since starting his career in 2006. Also considered to be one of the world’s best soccer players, he recently announced that this World Cup could very well be his last, resulting in him playing his last World Cup with Portugal.

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, a 30-year-old Brazilian, has played nearly 700 matches and scored over 400 goals. He is considered to be one of the top three soccer players alive. With a heartbreaking end to his career in losing to Croatia in the World Cup, his total career lasted around 20 years.

Robert Lewandoski debuted in 2005. He is currently 34 years of age and has played over 600 games, as well as scored over 500 goals. Playing for Poland, he likely made his last appearance in the World Cup when his team lost to France on December 4th.

Luis Suarez has played over 800 matches and has scored over 500 goals. Unfortunately, playing for Uruguay in the tournament, he played his potential last World Cup game against Ghana and lost. The 35-year-old legend’s debut was in 2005.

Luka Modric, a Croatian star, is 37 years old and fought hard to fulfill his dream of winning the World Cup. His team lost to Argentina in the semifinals. Modric has played over 800 matches and has scored over 700 goals. His soccer career began in 2001 when he played for an Under 17 soccer team.

All of these players have devoted their lives to one sport, and a dream to win the World Cup. These legends have inspired youth throughout the entire world, and it is heartbreaking to see these heroes leave the game.