Baseball In The 1920’s


Kaya Campbell, Writer


Who is Roger Hornsby?


Rogers Hornsby was an American baseball player that played second base for 5 separate teams over the course of his 23 season career. He played for St. Louis Cardinals (1915-1926, 1933), Chicago Cubs (1929-1932), Atlanta Braves (1928), Baltimore Orioles (1934-1937, 1933), and lastly San Francisco Giants (1927). Rogers would come to be the best right-handed batter ever with a .358 batting average and above .400 season batting average, 3 times in his career. Later in life, Rogers Hornsby would also become a manager after 1925, for the teams he played on and managed the Cincinnati Reds from 1952-1953. 


How did Rogers impact baseball?


Rogers Hornsby would leave his mark on the world of baseball by dominating the National League as a hitter, and set the bar for batters who were right-handed. During this time he would secure a .424 season record batting average and during the 6-year stretch, when he led the National League in batting titles, he would average a .402 in batting. Rogers Hornsby, despite his well defined batting career, would also be known for his strong determination and dedication to the sport, which gave the hall of fame the belief that a ball player could succeed in almost anything if he worked hard enough.




Who is Lou Gehrig?


Lou Gehrig was a world series champion that played for the New York Yankees. Through his 17 seasons with the yankees he had gone through multiple injuries, but still played, earning him the title of “The Iron Horse”. He was forced to retire due to being diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is which would become known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease in his honor. But was also introduced into the MLB Hall of Fame in 1939.


What was his impact on baseball?


Lou Gehrig’s impact on baseball was huge because of his 17 season career in New York. He became honorable as he won the World Series 6 times, and was given the title of All-star for 7 years in a row. He also was crowned the American League MVP twice and won the Triple Crown. During his career, Lou Geherig helped the New York Yankees become the most well known, honorable, and feared team in baseball.