Potato Chips


Benny A Gonzalez, Author

In 1853 Cornelius Vanderbilt went to a dining room in New York City called moon’s lake House the owner of this dining room was George Crum and he made potato chips for revenge. Cornelius Vanderbilt ordered a side of the restaurant’s most famous dish moon styled fries (around this time French fries got super popular in the USA) and he sent the fries back to the kitchen because they were not crisp enough. So Crum makes him another side of fries and made sure they were crisp but Vanderbilt sends them back once again saying that they were too soggy. 

Crum and Vanderbilt keep on doing things a few more times and so Crum was going to show him he sliced the potato very thinly so Vanderbilt would not be able to eat them. This is due to that in the 19 century you would have to eat with a fork will every meal. This is what George Crum wanted to happen he knew that if he would slice the potato thinly Vanderbilt would not be able to the food. But it backfired because Vanderbilt went in with both hands eating the food saying that it was amazing. This is why on the lays bag of potato chips it shows a potato getting peel into potato chips.