The World Cup at McAuliffe


Lauren Taylor, Author

With the World Cup happening every four years, many students and some teachers were very excited about the opportunity to watch it. The problem with that is many games take place during school hours. So many students have been begging their teachers to watch it during class time. It raises the question of, whether should teachers allow students to watch it or not.

Mae Wall a 6th-grade student states, “It is a very low chance that the teachers will let us watch it during class. But my P.E. teacher let us watch it during the do now. It just depends on the teacher.” 

Throughout many of my classes, several students have begged the teachers to watch it continuously stating the same reason – it only happens every four years. This didn’t just happen in House Challenger either, many students in mixed house classes have been asking too for the chance to see the score or watch what was happening. But some students don’t ask at all. In several of my classes, I have noticed many students on their computers watching the soccer game that was happening at the moment. Over time students have gotten less and less excited about watching it but still, as the rounds continue, I still notice people watching it on their computers.