Disney’s New Guardians Of The Galaxy Ride Review

Disney’s New Guardians Of The Galaxy Ride Review

Valentina B , Writer

On May 27 of this year In Anaheim, Florida, Disney released a new attraction “Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout” which is a remodel of Disney’s former attraction, “Tower of Terror”. No doubt this ride was the second-best I’ve ever ridden and the aesthetic of it is just exquisite especially if you are a fan of the trilogy. 

When stepping into the building, the location is set for “The Collector’s Museum.”

You are automatically set to play the character as someone looking to examine the new attraction “The Guardians Of the Galaxy up close and personal” but when waiting in a line filled with detailed and foreign objects, a character named Rocket comes to explain the real objective. You and the others with you must stop The Collector and rescue The Guardians of the Galaxy. 

You then walk on out of the room into a warehouse-type setting, I can’t say enough that the detail in this ride let alone just the line was so realistic and beautiful that is defiantly on the list of my top 3 favorites ever. This applies to the fact of when you enter the actual ride it has the same layout as the Tower Of Terror but the theme and decor make and completely new and breathtaking experience. When going through intense drops and rises made my heart race! This ride is simply amazing for those who are thrillseekers and on your next visit to Disneyland I 100% recommend trying this experience.