Gaming Theory


Lorenzo Martinez, Author

Gaming isn’t that easy to understand, but when you try it you’ll be introduced to a whole other world full of fascinating experiments called games.

The main purpose of a game is to test a curious player who will become a part of the practicing system. An individual can be considered a test for the software developer who created it. As players play the game, developers are constantly seeking out feedback through the gameś functionality to understand what future updates and modifications should be performed. 

This can be called the production environment for those who are more technically fascinated. A game that has been released to the public is considered to be in production. As gamers or the users of games experience issues, these can be called bugs or issues, that are commonly fixed by patches. Developers at major game agencies like EA Sports, Blizzard, and Epic games. are constantly making changes to the production environment. 

Gamers essentially help these game publishers how to create awesome games with great functionality. If the writer’s publishers and graphic designers didn’t monitor the performance of games and the feedback given from the gaming community, the advanced world of gaming as we know it might not have ever reached the advanced level that it has reached.