History of Different Logos

History of Different Logos

Sutton Petersen, Author

        Logos are needed for companies, people, etc., for people to know what that company is about. The first logo made was in 1876 for Bass Brewery

       Furthermore, in the past, Mcdonald’s first logo was in 1940 then changed in 1948, then in 1953 they made it into something very different from the first two logos. 8 years later in 1961, they changed it to something following the M logo theme as well in 1968. And in 1983 they added the background to the famous logo, and 10 years later they got rid of the background, in 2003 they made it the yellow “M” and barely changed it in 2006. Finally, in 2018 made it the logo we have today.

      In 1953 they made the first-ever logo for Burger King and it was nothing like today. They changed it a year later, and from 1954-1957 they made it just Burger King with no background. That was until 1957, when they changed it to the king sitting on a burger with “Burger King” under it, until  in 1969 they changed it to “Burger King” in between a hamburger. Lastly they changed the colors in 1994 and in 1999 into the famous logo with blue in it, up until last year, in which they made it back into 1994 logo and it still is that today. 

     Now moving on from fast food, where did some other logos come from like car logos and BMW?

      BMW started with a similar logo but different circle color around the logo now. That’s not really a huge change in a logo but Ferrari has a lot of changes in logos of the past. Ferrari first started as a two-color oval with a horse standing up, but then they changed it to the same thing but a shield. They kept that for a while until they made it a square then back to a shield then to the current logo.

     But what do some sports logos look like compared to what they used to look like? Well the NFL logo started as a really cartoony shape then it was made realistic and added a football  but then kept it in the same shape and just changed the colors until today. The NBA logo has different logos in the past it started as an old basketball with NBA on it then to a really hard-to-see basketball with NBA on it as well then a realistic one with the same thing then changed to the one today which the person on it is Jerry West.

But what were the famous drink logos back then like? Starting with Sprite what did it look like back then? It started with the word “Sprite” and had that word all across the years but they changed the style over the years.