Some of the Ugliest Shoes Ever


Amina Kebre, Writer

There are so many ugly shoes that are primarily from Balenciaga and other places. I do not know the purpose of them being made because of how horrible they look; most people might not even get these shoes. But I am going to talk to you about some mainly from Balenciaga. 

Up first is the croc high heel and yes it is made from Balenciaga it comes in the color green and has a black heel that should not have been, added but has. They teamed up with Crocs to make this croc heel from the look 28  of Balenciaga’s spring 22, clones collection. Balenciaga first made crocs high fashion in 2017 when they last collaborated. Looking into the article by vogue ‘’ I Wore Balenciaga’s Ugliest Shoe Yet and it Was Their Most Comfortable” states that “What is one way to never get hit on? Easy, wear Balenciaga’s croc Madame, their green heeled green Croc,” and she is right. Personally, I would never pay $625 for a croc shoe that looks super ugly. 

Up next are the Balenciaga High-Top sock sneakers in black. Let’s start off with the good thing about these shoes: the color is nice because it is classic black. Now let’s go in with the bad things about these shoes: they are really ugly. Like why in the world would you want your feet mostly out of your shoes? The only reason they call them sneakers is that it has a sneaker pattern in the back that looks like sneakers. They probably do not protect you in the rain. If you are going to buy sneakers, I  advise you not to get the $1,177.86  Balenciaga High-Top sneakers. The reason they have the word high in them is that it looks like it has a spring that makes it a high heel. And the way that it is designed makes it look like toes.

There are many ugly shoes in the world but I have to tell you that the two shoes that I’ve described to you were some of the ugliest shoes to ever exist that people end up buying and honestly I would never wish these shoes upon my worst enemy. These were some of the ugliest shoes ever.