Investigation About Hallway Passes


Emerson Dieruf, Maddie Ng, and Fatima Mahmoud

We decided to investigate how many kids are in the hallways without passes during class time. We went to the 8th grade, 7th grade, and 6th grade floors, and kept a tally of how many students were in the halls without hall passes. We found the differences in the three grades to actually be quite surprising.

On the 8th grade floor, there were a total of thirty kids we tallied. Twenty had hall passes, and 10 of the students did not have a pass of any sorts. However, some of the kids on the 8th grade floor had passes, but were skipping class by going to the bathroom. Everyone with passes didn’t respond when we asked about the pass, although some gave us a glare. There were, however, two boys who were wandering around the whole school together. One of the two students had a pass, but the other one had their backpack on without a pass. They went all over the three floors, and around the building skipping class.

On the 6th grade floor, there were a total of 30 kids we tallied. And all thirty of the students we asked had hall passes. When asked if they had a pass, the 6th graders either quietly provided a pass, or already had one in hand. There were a lot of kids in the hallway, but the atmosphere was generally quiet and kids were doing exactly what they were supposed to do. For example, when a kid had a pass to go to the bathroom, they went straight to the bathroom and back. It was the same with water bottles, and kids going to the dean. Kids weren’t wandering the hallways, and no one was talking to each other.

On the 7th grade floor, we recorded the information of 30 different students on whether or not they had passes. All of the kids in question though, had bathroom passes or their agendas. The 7th grade hallway was unusually quiet and empty, and there weren’t many people who didn’t have passes. There were only a shockingly low number of two students without hall passes that we recorded. Though every now and then, we would ask someone where their bathroom pass was if we couldn’t see it. The students would occasionally respond with things like “Do you have a pass?” or just gave us a weird look as they passed by us while we were continuing to walk down the halls; though they just showed us their pass most of the time. We also noticed that there were many students running around the halls with their class’s bathroom pass, as well as a small congregation of people around the bathroom on the Titan side of the 7th grade floor.

Although on the 7th and 6th grade floors we recorded less information about whether or not the students had hall passes, it can be inferred based on the atmosphere, and the fact that when added together; the 6th and 7th grade floors had the same amount of kids as the 8th grade floor, but had no kids without passes, that the 8th grade has more kids skipping classes and wandering the halls. However, the 8th grade floor may also have had more kids from other grades, seeing as the main offices and gyms are also on the first floor.