Nurse Office Investigation


Jada Davidson and Janeh Elias Batson

We chose this topic because we noticed there are many students using the nurses office as an excuse to skip class or go home. The nurse already has to make sure kids are mentally and physically okay, so why do they have to deal with others? We paid a lot of attention and spent a lot of time in the nurse’s office to figure out more information.

On Monday 11/7/2022 at the beginning of the day, we counted 64 Bandaids and 40 ice packs. And at the end of the day we had 40 bandaids and 22 ice packs. That is a lot of resources used and wasted in a day. It takes energy for the nurses to help every student who comes in, even for the little things like a bandaid.

There were 3 people in the nurse’s office for sore throats, 3 for stomach aches, 6 for headaches, 7 for Ice, 3 other medical treatments and, 9 for fake issues during lunchtime and the end of the day. We were mostly focused on the “fakers” and why they were in the nurse’s office.

A lot of people were faking to skip class, others were “In the bathroom” but really in the nurse’s office. Also some people were supposed to be in the Deans. A lot of people came without passes. We realized that was unhelpful for the Nurses, because they didn’t know who was supposed to be there, and who wasn’t. People also go to the nurse’s office because they were trying to leave early.

In conclusion, people use the Nurse’s Office to play and go home, not because they’re really sick. Also some people can be really sick and need help, but the “fakers” take time away from kids who actually need attention.