The School Dress Code

The School Dress Code

Ella Barnes and Olympia Mays

Although dress codes are not the most popular thing to wear, it’s a rule that has been stated in the McAuliffe rules for more than 10 years. Even if it’s a rule, there are going to be people who break it. The McAuliffe dress code consists of a McAuliffe top, khaki, grey or black bottoms, and if you have it, the red McAuliffe shorts. No hats or flip-flops are allowed, though many people break those rules. During school, the most amount of people out of dress code is during the first period, as during the winter season, the McAullife sweatshirt is a popular uniform item. But why is the uniform policy in place, and why do some people never get dress coded?

As we have noted, most kids are out of dress code during first period when school begins. Then they usually get back into the dress code. Most people follow the dress code for pants, which is black, grey or khaki pants or shorts. Most kids break the rule of having McAuliffe on top, and they wear a non-McAuliffe sweatshirt or jacket on top of their shirt. Or they have on a non-McAuliffe jacket unzipped on top of their shirt. Another dress code rule that is commonly broken is that you cannot wear hats or hoods inside. The dress code was created to make a positive environment for all students. Even with these rules in place, many people bend them. Sometimes you can see people obviously out of dress code, but not being dress coded, and why is that?

During an interview with Ms. Garfield, she stated that, “most likely the people roaming out of dress code around the halls have called home, and their parents can’t give them the proper clothes.” The school enforces the dress code very strictly, and now if you are caught out of it, you will most likely have to call home or get into dress code.

Some of the teachers at the school are less strict than others. So some kids might be able to get away with not being in dress code in one class but not the other. Also towards the end of the day administrators might get a bit more relaxed about it because they got tired of telling people to get into dress code. This also happens near the end of the year, when kids and teachers both start to let the dress code rules slide. Also they might not tell kids to get into dress code because they already told that kid to get into dress code and they have called home to their parents.

The school dress code has been created to make everyone feel equal in their clothing choice. Although it has been in place for awhile, many people have bent it. Mainly in the wintertime, as the McAullife clothing might not be enough, but also during other times. Many people wear different sweaters, hats, pants, and shoes to be comfortable, even despite the dress code.