Girl’s Bathroom Stake-Out


Our team explored what goes on in the girl’s bathroom during Period 5. We found that a significant number of female students aren’t actually going to the bathroom, and instead, just doing things like makeup, TikTok, and chatting with friends.

We did a stake-out from 1:50-2:30 PM in each of the girl’s bathrooms on each floor. Each one of us hid in a stall in the bathroom so no one would know what we were up to. Some of our discoveries were not too surprising, but we did catch several girls skipping class.

In the 6th grade bathroom, many things were happening at once. Some use the bathroom to do things that they should not be doing, like makeup, cussing, and skipping. There were girls that would sit in a stall for long periods of time, while other kids were in there doing makeup for a solid 25 minutes. Also, many teachers came in to get kids that were skipping. There were a total of 56 girls during the 40-minute stakeout. About half of them were going to the bathroom, while most were chatting with friends and just skipping class.

The 7th graders at McAuliffe International school are surprisingly on task in the middle hall bathroom. That does not mean everyone is. In 40 minutes of the 5th period on 10/24/22, a few did laundry or took a few extra minutes to look in the mirrors but most went to the bathroom. The average time of bathroom usage was three minutes. One student came back twice and another three times. Six people didn’t actually go to the bathroom, but instead talked with friends and took time to be on their phones. Some people curse, look at their phones and talk. In total, 50 girls went to the bathroom and two girls went in the bathroom but did not go to the bathroom during the stake-out timeframe. The most disturbing part of the 7th-grade middle bathroom investigation was one unfortunate student dropping her phone in the toilet, but thankfully it all worked out fine.

The 8th-grade girls’ bathroom is a very unique and strange place, with some girls doing their makeup, while others are crying. Most girls also use the place for a phone safe zone, and some girls just decide to skip class. Another interesting observation, there were some rumors about 6th grade girls in the 8th grade bathroom, and surprisingly those rumors were true. Two girls were in the one big stall, and they both happened to be 6th graders. They were in the bathroom for almost 40 minutes, probably more, until a teacher came in to get them out. After trying to get them out for at least five minutes, the teacher finally succeeded, but only after threatening to call their parents. Another observation, many girls didn’t have passes and seemed to just be hanging out. Also, within the 77 people that came in during the 40 minutes, many of the girls came in partners or groups weighing into the theory that girls feel better going to the bathroom with a friend. Numerous girls also brought bags of makeup and hair supplies and proceeded to do a long mid-day glow-up to themselves and their friends. Overall, what goes on in the 8th-grade bathroom is nothing short of crazy, uncomfortable, and just plain bizarre.

To conclude, a variety of misbehaving happens in the girl’s bathroom. We hope this investigation enlightens you and informs you about what happens, but also gives you a good laugh, and possibly discourages you from doing some of the bad bathroom behaviors.