McAuliffe Scholars Without Passes


Eila Behl and Natalie Turc

Kids at McAuliffe don’t have passes for various reasons. Kids all through McAuliffe International school are roaming the hallways without a pass. Passes are mandatory at McAuliffe and kids are getting away with it. So, what are the real reasons why no passes are being used?

One of the reasons for not having passes is the availability of passes in the classrooms. They may have been stolen or broken leaving them without use. We spoke with Mrs. Pittman down in the main office to see why they don’t replace the passes. She said that some teachers want to teach their kids responsibility and not keep ordering passes if they will just be abused. She also said that the main office has told teachers that pass pages from planners are available. The question that sparks here is, if teachers want to teach responsibility why are they still sending kids out?

Another reason why kids don’t have passes in the halls is because they don’t think they need one. We were asking one kid why they didn’t have a pass and he simply said. “I don’t need one, I’m just getting water.” Of course what this kid said wasn’t true, considering you would need a pass even to get water unless it’s a brain break. Kids should know, if there’s any reason except for a brain break to be in the hallway during class, then you need a pass.

A third reason kids don’t have passes in the hallways is because they keep forgetting the pass in the classroom. This means that although there is a pass available in the classroom, they forgot to grab it before they left the classroom. We talked to Ms.Walker when a kid from her class left without a pass and she said that the child just forgot to take the pass, perhaps because the student didn’t see the pass or didn’t remember to take it.

Another reason kids don’t have passes is because their teachers don’t or forget to sign their planners. The teachers could be busy teaching the class so they aren’t able to sign the pass, or maybe the teacher just told them to go without having their pass signed because the teachers were busy. Occasionally, teachers forget to sign the passes when the kids go somewhere, probably because they are busy people.

A fifth reason kids don’t have passes in the hallway is because another student could be out with the pass and the student that needs to go has an emergency so the teacher just lets them go without a pass. We saw a kid in the hallway without a pass going to the bathroom, and he said that it was an emergency and another student had the pass so the student with an emergency was unable to have a pass with them.

Another reason students don’t have passes in the hallway is they just leave class because they want to. When we asked Ms.Frenzel why kids don’t have passes in the hallway she said, “Sometimes kids just leave class without the teacher acknowledging it.” This means that kids leave class during the lesson to go roam in the hallways. Because they leave class without anyone knowing, they can’t grab the pass on the way out.

The final reason kids don’t have passes in the hallways is because they just skipped class in the first place and just roam around the halls to pass the time. When we talked to Ms.Frenzel she also said a reason that students don’t have passes in the hallways is “Some kids just don’t go to class.” This means that kids skip class and walk around the school without anyone to give them a pass or no one to sign their planners, leaving them without a pass in the hallways.

All in all, we believe that McAuliffe needs to enforce the rule of passes in the halls. Kids in the hallways are not allowed to roam the hallways without a pass, but yet they do. We would recommend hall patrol, people who make sure that this rule is being followed. This issue needs to improve!