The Top Four Video Games

The Top Four Video Games

Murray Kline, author

Top four popular video games.

videogames have been around since 1958, and started with pong. now there are more than 800,000 videogames on earth, and the average gamer plays a whopping 1 hour and 30 minutes a day how many hours a day do you play videogames? have you tried these video games, maybe you should give these a try.

What about roblox? Roblox is the 4th most popular video game because of its wide variety of games and wide range of players, what’s not to love? You can play games based off of your favorite shows, movies, you name it. You can customize your outfits with in-game money, and the best part is there are over 40 million games to play in one small game.

The third most popular video game is fall guys, this game is a parkour fun racing game, where you go through many hard challenges until there is one person left. There are a variety of clothes and costumes and many fun parts of it. If you want to get good at a certain game, or brag to your friends about how many crowns you have, give fall guys a try.

The second most popular video game is fortnite, a battle game with a huge map that changes seasonally and many weapons.the players on it are between 2.9 and 4 million concurrent players at any one time and over 50 youtubers recorded playing. If you like fun costumes, a variety of weapons, and attacking your friends, then give fortnite a try.

The first most popular video game recorded on august 9th 2022 is minecraft, minecraft is a game where you mine and collect blocks and eventually beat the boss ( ender dragon ) and win the game. Many new versions of the game have come out, where you can now battle other players, attack people for their beds, or just spend the time building. Whatever it is, it is the most popular.