School Cleaning Robot


At McAuliffe Middle school the Principal, Mr. Dennis, bought a $60,000 cleaning robot on Oct 21, 2022, to help with cleaning around the hallways and the gym floors. It has laser technology to find its way around the school. It has a cycle in the morning and uses the elevator although the custodians have to operate the elevator. After the cycle is done, the custodians have to drive the robot to the charging station to charge it for some time. The custodians can drive the robot around if they want.

 The principal thinks that this robot is good at its job and is worth the money. Mr. Dennis says, “The robot is helpful for the school and the custodians.” The robot has a camera on the front. Mr. Dennis says the robot has a camera on it to stop kids from riding it around the school. He says it “saves money” by not having to hire more custodians and he said, “We may buy more.”

But the custodians think otherwise about the robot being helpful because the robot just pushes trash and dirt to the corners and the custodians still have to clean the corners anyway. This causes the custodians to do the work still; it costs $60,000 and they think it is a waste of money. Also, the custodians thought that the robot was broken, although days later we saw it working.

So overall, the robot is not very helpful for custodians and it was just a waste of $60,000.