What Teachers Actually Do During Planning Time

Ava Alkire, Parker Holthus, and Nora Villines

The investigation report that we are working on is finding out exactly what the teachers do during Teacher Planning Time. Most people think that teachers plan and work, and then go back to class and teach. But, however, the library is a very open space. So, then, what do the teachers do?

On day 1 (Tuesday)

 In the library on Tuesday, a bunch of teachers were in the library “planning.” This is all the 6th-grade teachers planning time and some aren’t here, so some of them weren’t planning. Ms. Clark was playing heads-up with a student and Ms. Brown (Math teacher) brought pumpkin bread. There is one question though: Are the teachers actually planning?

Well, yes. In fact, most of the time the teachers are talking with other teachers that share the same subject so they can figure out what is going to be taught in the next lesson. But they are not planning the entire time. They allow breaks for talking. <Yes, even teachers have lives outside of school>

On day 2 (Thursday)

 It was much quieter and had fewer teachers than Tuesday. This might mean they were out doing jobs or getting food for a snack break. The teachers that were there were talking about “plans.” Some 8th-grade boys were on their phones and got in trouble with Ms. Kellerstrass and Ms. Wade. They immediately left after they were confronted and we overheard the teachers whispering about how they love punishing children even if they are kids they don’t even know. This is also their free time so they don’t have to plan the entire time. They like to talk about their lives due to their busy work hours.

Day 3 (Wednesday)

Today, half the library is blocked off. On the blocked-off side, there is a class of middle schoolers. However, in half of the library, we can see, there is only one student teacher. This means teachers are taking this as an excuse to go out of school. But it seems all the teachers are of the same mind, something is going on, so I shouldn’t “plan”. They might not be allowed to work in the library but they might just be taking a break from school and getting some food or planning at another place.

The day depends on how much planning happens. This could result in in-activeness. Tuesday was the beginning of the week and people are all riled up but Thursday, for some reason, seems to be calmer. In our opinion, colder weather deserves calm behavior, but when it’s hot, people are uncomfortably sweaty and they want the day to be over.

Overall, the teachers do different things during their planning time depending on the day and weather, and other school activities.