Disney’s Rise of the Resistance Review


Valentina B

Disney’s new attraction, “Rise Of The Resistance” located in their California park, has been a common new hit ride for most tourists and Starwars fans- but how phenomenal is this ride really? I attended the park just a few weeks ago and I thought I’d give it a try. 

When you first enter the area of the “Starwars realm” you immediately notice the beautiful detail and work done in this part of the park, it looks incredibly realistic and mind-blowing. It took me around 4 minutes to make my way to the line although I waited for an hour to board the actual ride. 

While waiting in line you can enjoy yet more details of the Starwars realm, weapons, space suits, and holograms are seen while waiting in a rocky and red area. You enter a spaceship with the objective of striking an attack on the “Fallen Jedi” but your ship gets taken over by “the dark side”. The whole experience of this ride is beyond what I can explain and is purely the best ride I have ever been on, every turn is unexpected and it truly feels as if you are in another galaxy, I 100% recommend trying this experience.