Josh Allen is Better than Patrick Mahomes


Camryn Lucey, Writer

During a 9-3 record season, the buffalo bills are super bowl favorites. The Bills also currently hold the #1 Seed in the AFC, so the Bills are slowly regaining their track. With a currently unsustainable Josh Allen recovering slowly from a TCL rupture in his arm in a week 8 loss to the New York Jets. With that being said, Josh hasn’t had his A game recently. However, he’s still better than the Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes. 

Statistically, Josh isn’t as great as Mahomes but Josh has proven to show more electricity on the field. Comparing the two, Using their best game against each other recently, The 2021 AFC Divisional, Josh Allen was playing like prime Tom Brady. He threw  27-37, 329 YDS, 4 TD, and Mahomes 33-44, 378 YDS, 3 TD. The only reason the Kansas City Chiefs had a chance is that They made a field goal to tie the game and get to overtime. When OT started, There was a rigged coin toss in overtime giving the chiefs the ball. While the chiefs had possession, Mahomes made his way down the field with Chiefs current Wr1 Mecole Hardman. And when they were close to the Redzone, Mahomes threw to All-Pro Tight End Travis Kelce to get the game-winning Touchdown to send them to the AFC Championship. 

Josh Allen, with unusual stats as a quarterback this season is currently with a QBR of 78.5%, 63.9% Completion, 3,183 passing, and 23 touchdowns. Mahomes, with 77.3 QBR, 63.5 CMP%, 3,585 passing yards, and 28 touchdowns. Comparing these two this year, they are pretty equal. They are the #1 and #2 QB’s in the league right now.  

Additionally, proving that Josh Allen is a Better Quarterback than Mahomes, is that Josh Allen can do more with less.  Mahomes became an instant superstar during his first year as a starter in 2018. That wasn’t the case for Allen, who completed just 52.8% of his passes as a rookie. Yet, four years later, Allen has catapulted to the top of the NFL odds, has his Bills as Super Bowl favorites, and is a top-rated quarterback by many measures. Not only that, but Mahomes also benefited from having All-Pro talent all around him on offense. The Chiefs had Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Sammy 

Watkins, and Kareem Hunt — are all players who have had 1,000-yard seasons in their careers. Josh Allen? He didn’t have anything close to these impact playmakers or similar coaching staff. Josh also had a receiving corps led by Zay Jones, Robert Foster, and Kelvin Benjamin in his final season. None of them have ever posted better seasons since playing with Allen. In 2019, the Bills added Cole Beasley, and tight end Dawson Knox in the third round. After those additions, Allen Finally had some talent, as well as josh Allen’s stats were increasing, as well as josh Allen’s passer rating, which improved to 58.8%. The Bills finally had a playoff team, and maybe, they had a franchise QB. Another year later, That was set in stone in 2020 after acquiring Stefon Diggs, the first Pro Bowl-caliber target Allen got to work with. Suddenly Allen had become a Pro Bowl QB himself and helped Diggs lead the NFL with 1,535 receiving yards. Not only that, Allen was the runner-up to win MVP behind Aaron Rodgers. Mahomes, of course, won in 2018, his first full season as a starter. Now, With The chief’s #1 wide receiver being traded, Tyreek hill, the Bills have a better cast of weapons, yet the Chiefs still have the coaching edge when it comes to experience.

Allen’s Relationship with his wide receivers has been better than Mahomes. With the acquisition of Stephon Diggs by the Bills in 2020, Josh’s throws are mostly reserved for Diggs. However, With the Draft choice of Gabriel Davis, in the 4th round of the 2020 draft, he has also shared many receptions. On The other side,  Mahomes, With the trade of Hill, Has had one favored receiver, and his name is Travis Kelce. Kelce this season (as of 12/6/22) has  77 receptions, with 968 yards, and 12 touchdowns. And Diggs,  91 receptions, 1,202 yards, and 10 receiving touchdowns. Overall, Diggs has the better matchup records with fewer touchdowns. 

As of 12/6/22, the bills are the #1 seed in the AFC after Kansas City’s loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in week 13. The bills will hopefully continue their stride against the Jets in week 14. The Chiefs have an easy win this week, against the Denver Broncos. The Broncos this season are 3-9, and their “Superstar” quarterback Russel Willson isn’t looking too good. So, unfortunately, Mahomes will most likely make his team’s record 10-3.  Hopefully Josh and the Bills can keep up.