The Denver Broncos’ Woes


Brady Cooper, Writer

The Denver Broncos started off this season with high hopes. They got a new head coach, Nathaniel Hackett and traded Drew Lock, Noah Fant, and seven draft picks for Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. People were excited to see the Broncos’ good defense and new offensive potential.

The Broncos played the Seahawks in week 1 and since then their record has shown poor performance. The Broncos are 3-8, with their wins coming from the Jaguars, Texans and 49ers. The Broncos average is the least amount of points of offense but have one of the best defenses in the league. The Bronco’s problems are all primarily on offense.

Nathaniel Hackett was also taking the blame for bad play calls, poor clock judgement, and little offense efficiency. Russell Wilson has also taken the blame. He has the 28th qbr in the league and is off to the worst start of his career. Broncos’ fans believe they could snap their 7-year streak of no playoffs. But after this, the Broncos would have to win all their games to have a shot, including wins against the Chiefs twice, the Cardinals, and the Rams. The Broncos also traded away DE Bradley Chubb for, a 1st round, and Chase Edmonds.

Along with this, the Broncos have been riddled with injuries including, Jerry Jeudy, Javonte Williams, Randy Gregory, and Garrett Boles. Many fans want Hackett to be fired and Wilson to be traded. But will the Broncos ever have a good quarterback?