Everything You Need To Know About The CFP


Vyaan, author

Everything You Need To Know About The CFP


The CFP committee released their top 25 teams, listing Georgia, Michigan, TCU, and USC in their top 4, closely followed by Ohio State and Alabama. 


The top 10 teams weren’t really a surprise but there was drama in the top 7. Tennessee, who was listed at 7, is lucky to have made it this far in the season and earned a respectable spot in the CFP. However, the Volunteers are understandably mad at the CFP for listing the Alabama Crimson Tide ahead of them. The number 6 Alabama is the highest-ranked team with two losses in 20 years.


The Ohio State Buckeyes, after being blown out by Michigan 45-23 in their home field, were given the 5th ranking. The CFP had a tough decision to make about Ohio State or USC and the committee went with USC, and that will stand if they win against Utah in the Pac-10 championship. The Buckeyes remain hopeful that USC does take the loss against Utah and give the Buckeyes a playoff berth. The Buckeyes, however, would have to play Georgia in the semifinals, if USC loses.


At number 3, just ahead of USC, is the TCU Wildcats. TCU is 12-0 and was given a very respectable 3rd ranking by the CFP committee. With a win, the Wildcats would play Michigan as long as Michigan beats Purdue in the Big-10 championship. TCU and Michigan would have a great game, but experts do say that the Wolverines have the edge against a very good TCU team. 


At the 2nd ranking, Michigan hopes to avoid an upset in the Big-10 championship against Purdue. With a win, Michigan would advance to play TCU, as long as the Wildcats win in the Pac-12 championship. The Wolverines are expected to make it to the Final.


And finally, at number 1, the CFP gave the honor to the Georgia Bulldogs, who have had a run through the season, and are the favorites for winning it all. The Bulldogs, provided there are no upsets, will play USC in the semifinals. The winner of that game will then play the winner of Michigan and TCU in the final.


There has been a lot of drama this season and the drama will keep going on and on. Will Ohio State get their playoff dream? Will there be a major upset? Will ‘Bama be the first team to qualify with 2 losses? 


Game Times

USC vs Utah: Friday 6:00 PM 

TCU vs Kansas State Saturday 10:00 AM 

Michigan vs Purdue Saturday at 6:00 PM

Georgia vs LSU Saturday at 2:00 PM


All times are in Mountain Time