Teachers Should Get Paid More


Fatima Mahmoud, Author

As everyone knows, teachers don’t get paid that much despite their hard work in making every person successful in the future. Teachers are the main reason everyone grows up to become what they become. If it weren’t for teachers not a lot of people would be successful. This is why they should deserve more for their hard work.

Some studies even show that if there was a 10% increase in teacher salary that would result in a 5–10% improvement in every student’s performance. Students will also gain long-term advantages from teacher compensation. This means the higher you pay a teacher the better the performance of the student.

Fewer graduates of teacher education programs, and fewer teachers looking to fill the increase in demand for teachers. If teachers would get paid more, then that would boost the teacher to focus more on their classrooms. Increased teacher salaries prompt higher-quality students to seek careers in education. Additional pay also lowers teacher turnover, keeping talented, experienced teachers in their jobs and resulting in more educator continuity for students, which builds trust.

Teachers should be paid more because they contribute more to the future of the world than any other career, and help students psychologically and financially, and most students in a survey chose that teachers need to be paid more than their annual salary.