Best Vacation Place: Beach or Mountains

Best Vacation Place: Beach or Mountains

Ava Alkire, Author

Beach or Mountains? Well, in my opinion, I like the beach more than the mountains. Some people like the mountains better because they love to ski or snowboard. But I like the beach more because it is warm and there are so many fun things to do. Also, in the mountains (in the winter) almost all you can do is ski and/or snowboard.

Most of the time the beach is warm and sunny, which gives you a lot of opportunities to do more activities and have more fun! On the other hand, the mountains are cold and snowy in the winter which can give you limited opportunities and limited things to do.

For example, at the beach, you can go to the beach, go to the pool, go on bike rides, etc. But another reason I do not like the mountains as much as the beach is because you get cold and have to wear all this gear that can be uncomfortable.

Another example is one of the best vacations I have had has been at the beach. This is because I have been able to surf, go to the beach, hang out outside, be with family, and more!

Overall, the beach is much better than the mountains because of many reasons. The biggest reason for me is because of the temperature, I much rather prefer warm/hot weather rather than cold and snowy weather.