The Eagles

Lott Roberts, Author

The Philadelphia Eagles have a 10 and 1 record, they beat the Packers 40-33 and they were 7 and 0 when the Washington Commanders beat them with McLauren. The Eagles have a really good rookie QB and had over 125 rushing yards last game, more rushing yards than Justin fields who is quick with his feet.

I don’t know why the eagles are doing so good, but I hope they continue dominating every team they see (besides the Saints which who they beat by the way).

Now for the Eagles roster, for their QB they have Jaylen Hurts, AJ Brown, Jordan Davis, Devonta Smith and Jason Kelce are some of the best players on the team. AJ Brown is a wide receiver with 3,000 receiving yards , Jaylen Hurts has 6,000 passing yards and Jordan Davis is the defensive tackle with 11 assists in his 2022 career. Wide receiver Devonta Smith with 1,000 receiving yards than you got Jason Kelce who is the center.

I still don’t get why the Eagles are doing so good though!