queens love for dogs


Lorenzo Martinez, Author

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth owned dogs for the majority of her life? Queen Elizabeth didn’t own just any dog though. Queen Elizabeth had a true love for Corgis which began in 1933, when her father, King George VI, brought home a corgi puppy for the Queen. King George VI brought home a specific type of corgi that was called a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The Queen named her corgi, Dookie. Queen Elizabeth loved Dookie and she also loved other corgis that she had throughout her lifetime. 

The Queen lived in Buckingham Palace for more than 70 years. During these 70 years, her dogs were given their own bedroom, and articles even say that her dogs had their sheets changed regularly. However, there were sad times for the Corgis as well. 

Queen Elizabeth was 101 years old when she died. She lived a long life. Getting old into her life, she owned many corgis. Unfortunately, the Queen outlived many of her pets. Each corgi that passed away was always given its very own plaque. 

The Queen took great care of her pets. Whenever she made a royal appearance, in town or when traveling, she could almost always be seen with her companions. It is safe to say that her corgis were treated like royalty.